We have modern facilities in O Grove, on the peninsula of Rons, dedicated to the storage and handling of our seafood. It consists of two joined buildings and differentiated allowing us to bring the product trazabilidades unbroken cold chains and freezing.



Our cetárea is equipped with the latest technology that allow oxygenation conservation seafood and seawater at low temperatures while maintaining the optimum conditions of live seafood. This enables us to respond to the high demand for local seafood shellfish for their high quality, especially in times of major tourist and dates before the holidays.


We have a sewage treatment plant consists of two purification systems: open and closed loop to accommodate requests for purification of different species of bivalves and thus obtain greater efficiency in the process circuit. The open circuit consists of 27 taps that purify 81 bins (tanks) of slightly less than 1m3. The closed circuit consists of pools where water recirculates the same, which allows us, along with the buffer tank of 60,000 liters keep debugging, although the marine environment altered by any mishap. Sterilization of water in the purification process is carried out with ultra-violet light, thereby avoiding altering the quality, flavor and color of it. In tests conducted by certified laboratories, the debugging process is completed in less than 9 hours, although the seafood is not issued until 24 hours elapsed set by the regulations.

Expedition center:

We are authorized for the first sale of bivalve molluscs and crustacean allowing us we market product purchased shellfish in the area. This allows us to get a high quality product in the area, at very competitive prices. We also have a brewhouse to meet the demands of our customers who require it.


We have room gutting, freezing tunnel and a cold room with storage for more than 25,000 kg of frozen seafood, maintaining a constant stock and supplying our customers in times of high demand.